Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Five Must-Have Habits to Keep Your House Clean

Are you dreaming of a cleaner and more organized home this New Year? You might find it impossible to have after all the added mess which accumulated in every part of your house during the holidays. But it is achievable with the right amount of determination and discipline.

Begin by reviewing your cleaning habits in the past year. Identify which of them worked and did not work. Continue doing those that worked and replace the ineffective ones with smarter routines. Here’s a short list of new habits you must develop to keep your home spic and span all year round.

1. Assign a place for everything.
Is there clutter in every part of your house? Why don't you assign specific locations for the items in your home instead of collecting them all on a chair, on a desk or on the floor. Doing this will make your home more organized. Also, it will be easier for you to do your daily activities when your home is clutter-free and everything in it is arranged logically.

2. Fix your bed as soon as you get up. You're most likely to place all your dirty clothes, bags and other items on your bed if it is messy. Don’t leave your room without tidying up your bed. Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a neat and tidy bed.

3. Engage in multi-tasking. Staying on top of your household chores can be daunting. It drains you of your energy and time. Learn how to clean smart by identifying which of your chores can be done simultaneously. For example, you can vacuum the bedrooms while your clothes are in the washing machine. You can also clean out your cupboards or refrigerator while baking dinner in the oven.

4. Deep clean one room at a time. Tackling the rooms in your home all at the same time will leave you exhausted and frustrated. Have a cleaning schedule. Pick the best month to deep clean your kitchen, your laundry room and so on. You have the whole year to clean your house efficiently, without having to go through a huge effort.

5. Ask for help. You cannot do it all alone. Ask family members to help out with all the chores and to be responsible in cleaning up their own mess regularly. There will come a time when you might need to seek the help of professional cleaners. For example, the birth of a baby in the family can leave you and everyone else busy and exhausted. You can hire someone to take care of any of the household chores that you have left undone. Is the idea of using a home cleaning service new to you? Read this infographic from Absolute Domestics to learn about the most common FAQs on hiring a house cleaner, as well as some quick tips.

Hiring a House Cleaner: 7 Frequently Asked Questions

From Visually.

It will be easier for you to achieve a well-maintained home by taking the time to observe each of the habits mentioned above. Once your home is cleaner and more organized, you will be able to focus on more important things like bonding with your family and friends.