Thursday, June 29, 2017

Quick Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

Giving your kitchen a fancy update can be costly and time-consuming. But did you know that there are tricks you can do to make it look expensive without breaking the bank? Below are a few of these tried-and-tested techniques.

1. Change your kitchen wall colour. Consider painting the walls in your kitchen with a light colour. Light colours reflect light and make your kitchen space look bigger. They can also hide scratches and other blemishes in your cabinets, counter tops and walls.

2. Change your lighting. Get an electrician to install chandeliers, dimmers or other light fixtures in your kitchen. This can create a good feel - something which standard lights can't provide. Mix and match them so you can have a lighting system that complements your personality and activities in your kitchen.

3. Clear your counter space. Clutter can easily make your kitchen space look small and messy. Hide small appliances like blenders, coffee makers, rice cookers and toasters inside cabinets. Take them out when you need to use them and put them back as soon as you're done with them.

3. Reinvent your cabinets. If you can't replace your old cabinets, repaint them to match your kitchen wall. Try changing your cabinet doors to high-gloss doors or glass doors to show your nicest kitchenware. You can also change the handles pulls and even hinges of your cabinet door with fancy pieces. This will make your kitchen look more appealing.

4. Invest in quality kitchen appliances. Quality kitchen appliances are quite costly but they can save you a lot of money in the long run. Why? It's because they are durable. For example, cooktops made from cutting-edge materials can satisfy your cooking needs for a long time. Also, they usually come in a classic design that can match the overall look of your kitchen.

Do you want more tips on reinventing your kitchen without burning holes in your pockets? Check out this infographic from Bourne Bathrooms.

Update Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

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