Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ensuring Home Security For Senior Citizens

When you are living with senior citizens, making sure your home is safe and secure becomes a non-negotiable matter. No matter how they want to defend themselves from burglars, they may not be as strong as they once were. In addition to this, they may encounter accidents when left on their own. To worry not about these things while you are away, implement the following measures inside the house.

  1. Install sturdy hand rails by the walls of each room. It would be good to clear the walls  and the hallways of stuffs that can impede them from walking with ease.
  2. Replace faulty door knobs. Promote double security by installing deadbolts and metal bars from the inside.
  3. Post a copy of emergency numbers and your mobile number by the telephone stand and each part of the house that is very visible to them.
  4. To keep unwanted guests from getting in the house with ease, install a video intercom system that allows your folks to identify first the person by the threshold before they open the door.
  5. It is best to match the intercom system with an alarm system that is highly sensitive to motion. Burglars can be very skillful in moving quietly into the house. Thus, having a means to track their every move is useful. To alarm the neighborhood of the evil happening in your folks' house, choose one that sounds like the sirens of police cars.
  6. Be mindful of the settings of the water heater in the bathroom. Adjust it to a lower stat to keep them from getting scalded. 
  7. Submit to the local police their house address and home phone number for easy communication in times of trouble. Submit too some personal information about your folks and the people they are with like may be their caregiver.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Installing Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows are one of my favorite parts of the house. This is because they provide enough source of light when reading and doing other activities inside the house. Also, they provide a direct view of wonderful scenery and enough source of ventilation for every room inside the house.

Do you want to install new windows? Understand that making them energy-efficient during cold and warm weathers could be challenging. Here are some points which must not be forgotten for that matter.

  • During cold weather, a plastic film that is clear and heavy-duty is needed to reduce presence of drafts. Consider shades that insulate well as protection from the cold weather. At night, the curtains and shades must be left closed. In the morning, they must be open to let the warm sunlight in.
  • During the warm weather, your choice of curtains and shades must be leaning to the white color. This is because light color does not absorb light and it reflects excessive away from the house. On the glass, place sun-control films to reduce the level of heat getting in the house.

Steps To a Greener Lawn

Who does not want a greener lawn? Every home owner dream of having it. Green lawn gives a good impression that a household is cared for. Now, you might be fretful about spending a lot of money to get this done. That is possible, but it is also possible that adjusting to better practices are all you need. Doing so can help you save as much money as you will be doing things personally on your own free time.  
First of all, stay clear of using chemicals in weeding. Besides making you spend the extra dollars, this can pose harm to the environment. You can check out hardware stores for excellent weeder tools. If you are willing to spend, there are organic substances available in most stores. They arrest the seeds immediately. Moving forward, cut the grass at least three inches long. This will keep them from growing for some time - just enough days for you to gain the energy and star cutting again. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Electricity Savers In The Bathroom

In my previous post, I highlighted the importance of saving water in the bathroom and how it can be done. Another element that can be saved in the bathroom is electricity. Yes, electricity makes the lights work. The heater and other appliances you might have in the bathroom use electricity too.

To conserve energy here, you can start with the lights. Energy efficient lights are the current replacements of the old incandescent light bulbs. They come in the name of LED or CFL lights.

Next, you can work on having in floor heating installed instead of using the old-fashioned heating mats. With in floor heating, adjusting the thermostat to get the appropriate warmth that would not toast your feet. 

Moving forward, you would need to arrest the presence of moist air. Pick a ventilation fan that does not make much noise but exudes strong vibes to remove unwanted air. You can check out the recommendations of Energy Star for this.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Water Saving Tips For Your Bathroom

Saving water is a very important habit that must be observed in most households. Besides the savings it brings on the bill, it is significant in saving the environment from totally deteriorating. Water is a precious element that supports all forms of life on earth. When wasted, it is difficult tot be regained as nature proves to be only one capable of healing itself.

The bathroom is a major place in the house where huge amount of water may be wasted day in and day out. Here are some tips that can keep you from doing that mistake.

  1. Choose toilet bowl types that are engineered to be efficient in flushing without using a lot of water.
  2. Replace your old faucets with new types that combine water and air pressure. This ingenuity provides you the desired flow of water without wasting too much of it.
  3. As for the shower, purchase a model with aerator. This also utilizes air pressure to provide good flow of water with less wastage. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Professional Scaffolding Help For Huge Home Renovation

No matter how prudent you are in keeping your house in top condition, time will come when bigger home maintenance problems will arise. They could be a result of an accident, calamity or test of time set upon your house. In cases like these, getting help from professionals would be most advisable.

The upper part of the house usually gets worn out first particularly in  the event of heavy snowfall and storm.  The roofs, for one, could leak any time and eventually give when the materials get soaked big time. When the walls directly connected to the roofs get damaged as well. An overhauling of the second floor might be needed. Apart from contacting expert carpenters, hiring a scaffolding company must be considered. This is because use of portable scaffolds would no longer be enough.

As workers toil on the second floor of your house, you can ask your scaffold provider added features that will provide extra security for the lower part of your house and make it suitable for use while the renovation is ongoing. Void protection, for example, can create decks that can serve  double purpose - a platform on which workers can stand and  a shield for the people who are staying underneath. Another good thing about void protection is that the decks can be removed and fitted again to give way for construction materials needed to be brought up the second floor.

The key to getting the best for your scaffolding needs for a big home renovation is contacting only the big names in the industry.  Why? You can be assured that they are providing with  you quality and licensed  products and their workers have undergone training in the proper installation of the framework. More so, they provide customer service 24/7.