Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ideas On Making Your House Child-Safe...Continued

There are many things which you must keep out of children’s reach. These are medicines, household chemicals, lighters, sharp and pointed utensils and breakable objects among others. Children do not know any better. They will put in their mouths anything their hands find to grab.

Toddlers can easily walk out the house, up the staircases and down to the basements. Install safety gates by the doorways, the staircases and other accident prone areas in the house. Choose safety gates that are up-to-date. In the bathroom, place anti-slip rugs on the floor. Wet tiles can be very slippery. Eliminate standing water in pails, tubs and other containers which can cause drowning. Purchase lid locks for your toilet bowls. These will prevent kids from playing with the water in the toilet bowl.

Injuries like bumps on the head and bruises may result from hitting the edges of furniture. Use foam covers to make these edges less harmful. Do you own a swimming pool? To keep your child from drowning, use strap down covers which are more secure. Lastly, anchor down large pieces of furniture like cabinets, dressers and desks. Anchor straps stop these huge items from totally flipping over in case your children try to pull them.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ideas On Making Your House Child-Safe - First Part

When your child is able to stand and walk while clinging on pieces of household furniture, accidents may happen any time. It is ideal then to child-proof your child the moment you decide to have one or more. In fact, you can inform the architect to design your house in a way that it will be safe for your future children. Perhaps, you are simply renting your place. You can still make it secured for the little ones by following these tips.
First and foremost, do a research about the varied items which are useful for child-proofing projects. The most common of these are outlet covers, wall anchors, cabinet locks, cord winders, safety gates, stove knob guards, door knob covers, door stops and corner edges. Go online and you will see more ideas on this.

Electrocution is a typical danger that awaits your toddler when they are left to move around the room freely. They can easily stick their fingers into the socket holes. Besides their fingers, they can stick in objects which are potential conductors of electricity. Cover all unused electrical outlets inside the house with protective caps.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tips On Decorating A Small Living Room...Continued

In a small space, the pieces of furniture must be kept to a minimum. In terms of size, one major furniture could be big but the rest have to be small. Why? This strategy keeps your living room from being overcrowded and everything else looks put together.

To avoid decorative pieces from taking much of the floor space, shelves may be installed directly onto the walls. These can hold the art items which you want to be in display. Keep coffee tables clear for immediate use. A small d├ęcor item that is easy to lift and relocate can sit on the coffee table though.

Lighting is another key to having a bright and spacious living room. Refrain from using dark and heavy curtains. If you do not want your windows to look bare, hung light and transparent cloth just to screen the light shining from outside during day time. For glass windows, translucent shades are ideal.

Have you ever heard about the wonders brought about by mirrors? By placing them in appropriate spots, an illusion of expansive space is created.  Do not over decorate with mirrors though. You can hang a big one on the wall opposite your living room window. Choose an elegant design for the frames to achieve a sophisticated finish.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tips On Decorating A Small Living Room - First Part

I am thankful that we are blessed with our own house. Although it is not that big, it is spacious enough for us to live comfortably with the kids. Now, the challenge for me lies in making our small living room to be elegantly alive and very functional. I was contemplating on these two photos for ideas.

Frankly, our current budget may not allow us to purchase new pieces of furniture and other decors which come along with these designs. And so, I searched for low-cost techniques on living room decoration which can get me the output I want. Here they are:

Making The Room Color Right – Believe it or not, the perfect room color can make the smallest space bigger in appearance. Hues which create a bright atmosphere are blues and greens as they replicate the ambiance of nature. Instead of leaning towards the darker scale, choose the softer tones for better results. Dim colors make your space intimate looking and so it would look more closed up. Such colors are best for creating an atmosphere of warmth in bed rooms.