Monday, June 29, 2015

Blank House Walls - How to Decorate Them

Blank walls make any house look empty. Some homeowners simply choose to let their walls appear blank because they find wall decoration to be a daunting task. The truth is, it is a very enjoyable activity that won't require you to spend a lot. All you need is a bit of creativity and patience.

Family room wall - Consider creating a photo collage in this wall. Choose photos which remind you of your best family memories. Insert in them in beautiful frames with different colors, sizes and shapes. Choose other wall decors to hang with your picture frames. Make sure that they all achieve a central theme.

Kitchen and dining room wall - You can also bring touches of art to your kitchen. Instead of the typical enlarged photo of The Last Supper, use vintage recipe cards, images of delectable foods or images of quotes about food to decorate your kitchen. As for your dining room,  you can showcase your collectible items in shelves like your favorite mugs and plates from overseas.

Bathroom wall - Apart from mirrors, install framed artworks in your bathroom wall. Just make sure that they are protected from moisture so that they don't get damaged easily.

Bedroom wall - Some people ought to have an oversized photo of themselves hung on the wall behind their beds. If you don't like this idea, you can choose an image of a natural setting or a certain pattern to print oversized. Choose a frame that will compliment your wall paint the design of your bedroom.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Why and How of Tree Stump Removal

Some homeowners dislike the sight of tree stumps in their yards. Because of this, they will move heavens and earth just to eliminate them.

A decaying tree stump could be an eyesore in your garden especially when it is positioned in a very visible spot. Unless you’re trying to achieve a specific garden theme that requires its presence, leaving it untouched will be very much advantageous.

Kids playing and running around your yard are most likely to bump into or trip over a tree stump. This can cause unwanted injuries. Moreover, they can get bitten by the insects inhabiting a rotten tree stump.

Tree stump removal can be done in three ways. These includes digging, grinding and application of chemicals. Digging requires a lot of physical effort on the part of the digger. Thus, digging is only advisable for the removal of small tree stumps. Bigger tree stumps are best removed with the use of a grinding machine. Using  a grinding machine is less labor-intensive. This machine specifically grinds the stump back and forth until its thickness is reduced to ground level. This machine is also useful in grinding the root and the mound of earth gathered around the tree stump. Finally, a tree stump can also removed through the application of chemical which can fasten its decay. Holes are drilled on the stump. Then, the chemical is poured onto the holes. Even though such chemical promises quick decay, you must take note that older tree stumps will decay faster than younger ones.

A tree stump can also affect the flow of activities in your backyard. For example, mowing your entire yard could take half an hour longer when you have one or two three stumps to avoid. Your lawn mower will definitely crash if you accidentally bump it against a tree stump.

Friday, June 19, 2015

How to Improve Your Garden's Health Using Compost Bins

Do you ever wonder why your garden plants and crops don't grow as healthy as you wish no matter what you do? One reason for this could be the quality of your garden soil. Any garden soil can be improved by mixing some compost in it. Compost is created as bacteria starts the process of decomposition by breaking down organic waste matter. Compost can be bought from some garden supplies stores. Nonetheless, it is better if you create your own compost because it enables you to get rid of the waste in your house in a meaningful manner.

Compost is created when an organic matter or waste starts to decompose with the presence of bacteria. Some create composts in a large pot but it is advisable to create one in a compost bin. When choosing a compost bin, select a model with a base that works perfectly in backyards.

Start by finding the perfect spot for your compost bin in the garden. Place large twigs in the bin. These will act as solid sidewalls that will prevent the bin from leaking. Fill it in with some soil. Then, spread a thick layer of the organic waste. It should be about 4 inches thick. Slowly mix it in with the soil. Check whether you need to add in some water to mix the pile well.

Grass should be added in thin layers so that they do not compact. Worms are also added in the bin with shredded paper or other biodegradable bedding. Worms will quicken the decomposition. It is important that you don’t remove a lot of worms from the remaining compost. Make sure that the lid of your compost bin is tightly sealed so that flies and rodents will not enter.

I found a video that uses spent coffee ground in composting. All credits to the owner.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Key Things to Remember about Custom-Made Cabinets

During a house renovation, most home owners focus on the beautification of their living rooms. They forget to pay attention to the bathroom and the kitchen. If you want a balanced renovated home, focus on perfecting these two parts of your house. In connection to this, you must consider having your bathroom and kitchen cabinets custom-made.

There are at least five key things which you must remember before searching for someone who can create customized cabinets for you. They are as follows:

 - base units and countertops; the base units sit on the floor
 - upper cabinets are installed in the walls; they can be divided into many sections
 - cabinets can be made of all wood or with a touch of glass doors
 - corner cabinets are perfect for reaching everything in the corner of a base cabinet or an upper cabinet
 - custom cabinets may include spice racks, pantries, sinks or pull out drawers instead of shelves in the base units.

Once you have scouted for a carpenter who will be creating your customized cabinets, you will have to create decisions regarding the appearance and features of your cabinets. You must be know exactly what kind of wood you want, the type of sink that will go best for your bathroom and your kitchen, and the appropriate cabinet colors that will match your bathroom's and kitchen's theme.

The standard base cabinet unit for bathrooms and kitchens is 35". Depending on your preference, you can have your base units made taller or shorter to accommodate your kids or someone who is in a wheelchair. Your cabinets must be practical to use and not just aesthetically appealing so you must express your needs and preferences during the planning stage.

Four Ways to Boost Your Home's Value

Renovation is crucial if you’re planning to sell your old house. It can add value to your house and make it a top choice among potential buyers. It doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are low-cost home improvement ideas that can make your old house appear updated if not totally modern-looking.

Here are four tips that can keep your renovation expenses at a minimum and your sale profits at a maximum.

Create space. Buyers usually like an open floor plan. If your floor plan looks cramped, knock down some walls or doorways. This will allow space and air to flow inside your house. Buyers with a causal lifestyle look for houses with combined dining, kitchen and living areas. Incorporating movable kitchen islands and room dividers can also attract some picky buyers.

Create light. If you don't have a budget for skylights, you can create sun tubes or sun pipes that allow natural light to enter your house. These are cylinders made of a reflective material and a weather-proof plastic globe. They can lessen your usage of electric lights.

Paint all parts of your house. A coat of paint can make any old house look fresh. Hire a professional painter if you cannot paint neatly. You can also hire an interior designer if you don't have an eye for colors.

Consider landscaping. Landscaping to create your ideal space is not a new concept. Many homeowners in the past have resorted to it to improve the value of their residential properties. Landscaping is more than just adding plants to your yard. It involves fencing, improvement of lighting and installation of garden fixtures such as benches, gazebos and pathways.

Find a trusted realtor once you have completed all the necessary renovations. Wait patiently for the right buyer even though it takes you a little longer than expected. Realtors report any changes in the housing market or suggest selling options to their clients. So, you don’t have to be distressed while waiting. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Importance of Incorporating Patterns and Prints In Your Room

You might say that pattern is the thing of the good old days. Think again because it is making a come back especially in the interior design industry. Solid fabrics, monochromatic shades, and clean lines will still be around but elegant patterns will make it easier for any room to stand out. Are you thinking whether prints can be counted here? Well, the answer is a resounding 'Yes!'.

Patterns initiate activity - Plain or solid colors can be boring. Try replacing them with patterns to initiate activity in an empty and wide space. Size matters a lot when it comes to determining activity level. Large patterns will do if you want to achieve a calm or serene atmosphere in your room. On the other hand, small and intricate patterns are perfect to use if you want to convey busyness. Pieces of big furniture and wide wallpapers are best designed with large patterns while small decors and accessories are best  designed with small  patterns.

Prints promote visual weight - A part of a room is said to have visual weight when the viewers' eyes are drawn towards it. If the visual weight is gathered in one side. the entire room will not look balanced. Hence, you must be careful in incorporating prints in your room design.

You can mix and match patterns and prints to achieve your desired theme for your room. Choose distinct patterns and prints belonging to color palettes  which appear cohesive when combined. Successful pattern-print combination can make your room design look intricate. If you're confident enough about your artistic skills, you can try pulling off a wonderful contrast between patterns and prints. Just make sure that your color choices coordinate well. You can check some color guides or color theories before starting with your project.