Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Practical Guide To Greenhouse Gardening

Greenhouse gardening is definitely different from backyard gardening. The good thing about this activity or hobby is that you can have full control over the growth of your plants as you can manipulate the environment in which they would survive. On the other hand, this advantage comes with more demanding requirements from you. Getting your own greenhouse is the first of these requirements. Keeping it clean and well-ventilated is the next challenging requirement which you got to work on whole year round.
In choosing the ideal greenhouse set-up, there are a number of stores from which you can buy at different costs. Regarding this matter, it is smart to choose a dealer which carries quality brands or models. This can give you the assurance that you are getting your money's worth and that your plants would live and exist for long.

Temperature within your greenhouse has to be well-managed. The ideal temperature can be achieved with the use of heaters, vents and fans. They have to be set working at a certain degree depending on the current season. During summer time, vents and fans are effective in cooling the entire greenhouse. There are manually operated vents and fans which are perfect for owners who are maintaining their greenhouses on low budget. You must keep an eye on their use though as they have to be turned on and off a the right time. The automatic ones are easier to use as they come with timers  which you can easily at appropriate time intervals so you don't have to worry about your plants getting damaged due to unmonitored furniture.

Lights or lighting is another essential in keeping an efficient greenhouse. Placement of lights would be determined by the design of the entire greenhouse. Fluorescent lights in keeping the whole place bright especially when you are growing seedlings. More so, these lights can provide the extra warmth young plants may need to survive a cold weather. There are times when setting-up a lighting system would be required. This is specifically true for sun-loving plants which need intense light compared to other plants.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

How To Create More Space In Your House

One great benefit of spring cleaning is the quick appearance of extra space once all your unused possessions have been removed, given away or relocated. This is not an easy thing to do though particularly when you have accumulated a lot of stuff through the years and your spring cleanings  are not that thorough.

It is best to start with one area of your house after the other. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed with the cleaning and clearing process. As you do that, assess how much space you would need and be capable of having.

Then, go over your possessions. Begin with the big pieces of furniture you ought to keep in consideration of their usability. Afterwards, sort out the smaller items you can keep in your chosen furniture pieces. Get rid of all the stuff which you are unable to use in a year's time. If you are emotionally attached to most of your possessions, purging will be hard for you to do. Whence you have cleared a great space in your house, keep yourself from buying new items or replacements to the things you got rid off. Should you end up in a buying-spree, your cleaning up for extra space would be useless.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Tips To Know

Keeping your entire home clean and fresh may mean more than just removing all the dirt and killing all the germs present in it. Using environment friendly cleaning products to replace the toxic items that you are used to is one of the best things you can do to achieve a squeaky clean and safe home for your entire family.

Look for biodegradable substitutes - By dashing to the 'green' area of the supermarket or warehouse stores, you can easily purchase cleansers made of biodegradable ingredients. Oftentimes, they cost higher. If your budget can't afford them, go online and look for ingredients like baking soda, citrus fruits, for you to mix into a biodegradable cleanser.

Make use of reusable cloth - Use washable cloths instead of mops, sponges and nets. By using washable cloths you could lessen the number of times you'd need to purchase new cleaning items. Since they are 'washable', you can simply clean them with bleach, soap and water. This will work even when they have stains. More so, sponges and similar items are non-biodegrable. Throwing them after use can hurt the environment.

Conserve water - When rinsing soapy areas, use  bucket. Using hose can be very tempting in using too much water. Water must be conserved as it is a natural resource that is difficult and impossible to replenish or recreate by human hands.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Improvised Or Solar Light Bulbs: How To Create Them

In certain places in third world countries, use of electricity to brighten up their homes is not yet introduced. This is because of the fact their exact locations remains difficult to be reached by technology especially when they are the far-fetched islands.

Thanks to a sustainable concept that has been introduced many years ago. With the use of bleach, clear water and plastic bottle, absence of electric lines wouldn't have to keep some homes in the dark. Keen to know how these improvised or solar bulbs are made? Watched this video:

Did you enjoy watching the video? Quite innovative, right? This goes with many benefits more than having a brighter home interiors. Firstly, it would not cost you much to buy all the materials you need. To create one solar bulb, all you need to spend is a maximum of $4 to $5. Since, a solar bulb functions without the use of electricity. You can save on your electricity bills particularly if you decide to use solar bulbs in certain areas in your house which can get direct sunlight. Lastly, you help save the environment for total destruction. As we all know used up electric energy aggravates the deteriorating state of our planet.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ensuring Home Security For Senior Citizens

When you are living with senior citizens, making sure your home is safe and secure becomes a non-negotiable matter. No matter how they want to defend themselves from burglars, they may not be as strong as they once were. In addition to this, they may encounter accidents when left on their own. To worry not about these things while you are away, implement the following measures inside the house.

  1. Install sturdy hand rails by the walls of each room. It would be good to clear the walls  and the hallways of stuffs that can impede them from walking with ease.
  2. Replace faulty door knobs. Promote double security by installing deadbolts and metal bars from the inside.
  3. Post a copy of emergency numbers and your mobile number by the telephone stand and each part of the house that is very visible to them.
  4. To keep unwanted guests from getting in the house with ease, install a video intercom system that allows your folks to identify first the person by the threshold before they open the door.
  5. It is best to match the intercom system with an alarm system that is highly sensitive to motion. Burglars can be very skillful in moving quietly into the house. Thus, having a means to track their every move is useful. To alarm the neighborhood of the evil happening in your folks' house, choose one that sounds like the sirens of police cars.
  6. Be mindful of the settings of the water heater in the bathroom. Adjust it to a lower stat to keep them from getting scalded. 
  7. Submit to the local police their house address and home phone number for easy communication in times of trouble. Submit too some personal information about your folks and the people they are with like may be their caregiver.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Installing Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows are one of my favorite parts of the house. This is because they provide enough source of light when reading and doing other activities inside the house. Also, they provide a direct view of wonderful scenery and enough source of ventilation for every room inside the house.

Do you want to install new windows? Understand that making them energy-efficient during cold and warm weathers could be challenging. Here are some points which must not be forgotten for that matter.

  • During cold weather, a plastic film that is clear and heavy-duty is needed to reduce presence of drafts. Consider shades that insulate well as protection from the cold weather. At night, the curtains and shades must be left closed. In the morning, they must be open to let the warm sunlight in.
  • During the warm weather, your choice of curtains and shades must be leaning to the white color. This is because light color does not absorb light and it reflects excessive away from the house. On the glass, place sun-control films to reduce the level of heat getting in the house.

Steps To a Greener Lawn

Who does not want a greener lawn? Every home owner dream of having it. Green lawn gives a good impression that a household is cared for. Now, you might be fretful about spending a lot of money to get this done. That is possible, but it is also possible that adjusting to better practices are all you need. Doing so can help you save as much money as you will be doing things personally on your own free time.  
First of all, stay clear of using chemicals in weeding. Besides making you spend the extra dollars, this can pose harm to the environment. You can check out hardware stores for excellent weeder tools. If you are willing to spend, there are organic substances available in most stores. They arrest the seeds immediately. Moving forward, cut the grass at least three inches long. This will keep them from growing for some time - just enough days for you to gain the energy and star cutting again. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Electricity Savers In The Bathroom

In my previous post, I highlighted the importance of saving water in the bathroom and how it can be done. Another element that can be saved in the bathroom is electricity. Yes, electricity makes the lights work. The heater and other appliances you might have in the bathroom use electricity too.

To conserve energy here, you can start with the lights. Energy efficient lights are the current replacements of the old incandescent light bulbs. They come in the name of LED or CFL lights.

Next, you can work on having in floor heating installed instead of using the old-fashioned heating mats. With in floor heating, adjusting the thermostat to get the appropriate warmth that would not toast your feet. 

Moving forward, you would need to arrest the presence of moist air. Pick a ventilation fan that does not make much noise but exudes strong vibes to remove unwanted air. You can check out the recommendations of Energy Star for this.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Water Saving Tips For Your Bathroom

Saving water is a very important habit that must be observed in most households. Besides the savings it brings on the bill, it is significant in saving the environment from totally deteriorating. Water is a precious element that supports all forms of life on earth. When wasted, it is difficult tot be regained as nature proves to be only one capable of healing itself.

The bathroom is a major place in the house where huge amount of water may be wasted day in and day out. Here are some tips that can keep you from doing that mistake.

  1. Choose toilet bowl types that are engineered to be efficient in flushing without using a lot of water.
  2. Replace your old faucets with new types that combine water and air pressure. This ingenuity provides you the desired flow of water without wasting too much of it.
  3. As for the shower, purchase a model with aerator. This also utilizes air pressure to provide good flow of water with less wastage. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Professional Scaffolding Help For Huge Home Renovation

No matter how prudent you are in keeping your house in top condition, time will come when bigger home maintenance problems will arise. They could be a result of an accident, calamity or test of time set upon your house. In cases like these, getting help from professionals would be most advisable.

The upper part of the house usually gets worn out first particularly in  the event of heavy snowfall and storm.  The roofs, for one, could leak any time and eventually give when the materials get soaked big time. When the walls directly connected to the roofs get damaged as well. An overhauling of the second floor might be needed. Apart from contacting expert carpenters, hiring a scaffolding company must be considered. This is because use of portable scaffolds would no longer be enough.

As workers toil on the second floor of your house, you can ask your scaffold provider added features that will provide extra security for the lower part of your house and make it suitable for use while the renovation is ongoing. Void protection, for example, can create decks that can serve  double purpose - a platform on which workers can stand and  a shield for the people who are staying underneath. Another good thing about void protection is that the decks can be removed and fitted again to give way for construction materials needed to be brought up the second floor.

The key to getting the best for your scaffolding needs for a big home renovation is contacting only the big names in the industry.  Why? You can be assured that they are providing with  you quality and licensed  products and their workers have undergone training in the proper installation of the framework. More so, they provide customer service 24/7.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Must-Have Security Gadgets For The Home

Purchasing security gadgets these days for residential use is no longer seen as a sign of paranoia. This is because theft has become a widespread crime which claims both possessions and lives. In their aim to provide help (and make business too :) manufacturers have come up with a wide range of products but not all of them are needed as far as practicality and security are concerned.

Alarm Systems – These are definitely useful especially during the night when everyone else is as asleep. When choosing one, it is wise to go for motion-sensitive type as it sends off warning at the slightest suspicious movement it can detect. It is also good to have one with very loud sound effects like barking of dogs or police sirens paired with strobing lights as these can scare thieves away.

Intercom Systems – Whether you own a big, medium or small house, intercom is very advisable for your security. It somehow acts like a screen that filters the people who can come in your residence to a limited few whom you know. Buying one with video feature is the best pick to have.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Garbage Segregation: How Homes Benefit From It

Garbage segregation is enforced by a number of governments worldwide. Also, it is promoted by various advocacy groups because of the many benefits it can provide for the environment.

Advocates advise that this practice must start at home as it is the ideal place where kids can learn about its importance and have a regular practice of it. If they are used to doing it at home, they will apply it with ease outdoors and they will grow up as responsible garbage segregating citizens. 

Garbage segregation is aids in the appropriate improvement of your house conditions. By simply separating organic waste from inorganic waste, you are already limiting the presence of disastrous pests in your residence. Many would not admit it but some do throw leftover food along with paper, plastic bags and other types of food containers at home. With such a jumbled mess, you will find it hard to get rid of cockroaches and bugs.

Garbage segregation also opens an opportunity for you to be productive. As you see right in front of you recyclable materials, you can engage yourself into some do-it-yourself projects like home decors made of soda cans. You will definitely save on that as you say goodbye to expensive home decors.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Organized Home Office Equals Increased Productivity

Do you have a home office? You might mistake this as something exclusive to those who need to manage their businesses at home. But the truth is, everyone of us must have this at our own residences to ensure we are being productive on  a daily basis.

Perhaps, you are a stay-at-home mom who does not have job-related tasks to finish at home. You can simply dedicate this work space to doing your daily budget, sorting out bills and receipts, filling photo albums with photographs  or doing arts and crafts with your kids. Who knows, a bright idea might spark while you are busying your hands in this space and you will be off to being  a famed entrepreneur.

For a start, just have the basics - chair, table, stationeries, writing materials, lamp and organizer containers you might want to add. A computer would be a great addition but it is not a requirement. Try not to fill the space with stuffs that can keep you from getting productive. Perfect examples of these are foods, DVD players, gaming gadgets or even nail polish sets and curling irons. Remember, the goal of this place is to get your mind thinking and your body working.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Why You Need To Do A Home Energy Audit

Having a home means being responsible for everything in it. Cleaning your home is one, and monitoring maintenance needs is the other one that you need to do once you have your own home. What have you been doing to get your home in great shape? Have you done a home energy audit since you occupied the house?

It may be a bit technical for every homeowners to do, but it is important to have your home checked. For one, you need to make sure that your home is on great shape and would not likely to catch fire sometime soon. Getting that confirmation from an expert in home energy audit can give you that peace of mind, especially if you did not insure your house.

Another reason for having that home energy audit is to have some ideas on how to incorporate energy improvement tips on your future renovation projects. You can also get tips from experts on how to choose the best supplies to make your home safe and weather proof, as you install quality cooling and heating systems soon.

So go ahead and make that call. You can get in touch with an officer from your homeowners association so they can refer you to a home energy audit specialist or ask your family for contacts. Your home will definitely thank you for it.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Easy Ways To Save On Home Improvement Projects

One of the most challenging aspects of implementing home improvement projects is having more than enough money to fund these as soon as you can. That is why we need to work double time especially if borrowing money from family or from bank is not an option for you. Here are some tips on how to plan and start your home improvement projects while saving more money in the process.

Make a list of your home improvement projects.

It is best to do this so you can prioritize which project should go first, next and last. This will also focus your money on just one project and prevent overspending on buying materials and supplies you might not need at that time.

Rent or borrow some supplies to save on costs.

Call your family and friends and ask them if they can lend you some supplies that you will need. There is no need to buy power tools if your brother has a complete set to lend you right away.

You can also rent some of these tools from big hardware stores. If you cannot find a spot inside named 'supplies for rent' then ask a customer service staff about it. Just do some paperwork and take the power tools home.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Free Ways To Get That Fresh Look In Your Living Room

Are you tired of the same look of your living room for the last two years or so? If yes, then it's about time to make some changes to create a new look for you and your visitors. Here's a list of free ways to get that fresh look in your living room today.

Clean your living room.

Yes, there are times that rooms need deep cleaning to see how beautiful they are. Schedule a day or two to deep clean, depends on the size of your living room.

Declutter and organize. 

Throw away stuff that you don't need, say a painting that doesn't match the theme of your room or a picture that looks outdated. Just save those that you want and keep them in your stock room. Organize the rest of the stuff or return them where these things should be kept.

Check your stock of throw pillows.

This may surprise a lot of homeowners but you are not certain that you have used all your stock of throw pillows until you go back and check what's available. You don't need to buy new throw pillows and covers if you still have some new ones on stock.

Introduce green in your living room.

Want to infuse green stuff to make it look fresh?  Get some fresh flowers in the garden, use your old vase or a beautiful wine bottle to contain these blooms. You can also place small plants to make your living room more inviting.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Space Saver Ideas For Small Homes

Not all of us are blessed to stay in a spacious house. In the cities where the rent is high, most of the residences offer limited spaces. The bedroom, living room and kitchen are rolled into one studio type unit most of the time and the occupants are left with limited stuff to place in it. Since this scenario is quite inescapable, there are means by which you can have a clutter-fee home despite its small size.

Space savers usually come in the form of containers or holders that are attached to the different parts of the house. In the kitchen area, for example, modern pot rocks which hang from the kitchen ceiling provide enough floor space for kitchen users as the pots, pans and cooking utensils are kept off the floor.

Next to your kitchen space, you may attach to the adjacent wall a tall vertical set of shelves where you can stock all the supplies you will need for work – tasks in the office or at home. In one of the shelves, you can place storage bins too. 

Got books, CDs and other small stuffs to keep? In your bedroom, place pieces of furniture which can be of dual purpose. There are beds which have built-in cabinets or book shelf in its lower part.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ideas On Making Your House Child-Safe...Continued

There are many things which you must keep out of children’s reach. These are medicines, household chemicals, lighters, sharp and pointed utensils and breakable objects among others. Children do not know any better. They will put in their mouths anything their hands find to grab.

Toddlers can easily walk out the house, up the staircases and down to the basements. Install safety gates by the doorways, the staircases and other accident prone areas in the house. Choose safety gates that are up-to-date. In the bathroom, place anti-slip rugs on the floor. Wet tiles can be very slippery. Eliminate standing water in pails, tubs and other containers which can cause drowning. Purchase lid locks for your toilet bowls. These will prevent kids from playing with the water in the toilet bowl.

Injuries like bumps on the head and bruises may result from hitting the edges of furniture. Use foam covers to make these edges less harmful. Do you own a swimming pool? To keep your child from drowning, use strap down covers which are more secure. Lastly, anchor down large pieces of furniture like cabinets, dressers and desks. Anchor straps stop these huge items from totally flipping over in case your children try to pull them.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ideas On Making Your House Child-Safe - First Part

When your child is able to stand and walk while clinging on pieces of household furniture, accidents may happen any time. It is ideal then to child-proof your child the moment you decide to have one or more. In fact, you can inform the architect to design your house in a way that it will be safe for your future children. Perhaps, you are simply renting your place. You can still make it secured for the little ones by following these tips.
First and foremost, do a research about the varied items which are useful for child-proofing projects. The most common of these are outlet covers, wall anchors, cabinet locks, cord winders, safety gates, stove knob guards, door knob covers, door stops and corner edges. Go online and you will see more ideas on this.

Electrocution is a typical danger that awaits your toddler when they are left to move around the room freely. They can easily stick their fingers into the socket holes. Besides their fingers, they can stick in objects which are potential conductors of electricity. Cover all unused electrical outlets inside the house with protective caps.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tips On Decorating A Small Living Room...Continued

In a small space, the pieces of furniture must be kept to a minimum. In terms of size, one major furniture could be big but the rest have to be small. Why? This strategy keeps your living room from being overcrowded and everything else looks put together.

To avoid decorative pieces from taking much of the floor space, shelves may be installed directly onto the walls. These can hold the art items which you want to be in display. Keep coffee tables clear for immediate use. A small d├ęcor item that is easy to lift and relocate can sit on the coffee table though.

Lighting is another key to having a bright and spacious living room. Refrain from using dark and heavy curtains. If you do not want your windows to look bare, hung light and transparent cloth just to screen the light shining from outside during day time. For glass windows, translucent shades are ideal.

Have you ever heard about the wonders brought about by mirrors? By placing them in appropriate spots, an illusion of expansive space is created.  Do not over decorate with mirrors though. You can hang a big one on the wall opposite your living room window. Choose an elegant design for the frames to achieve a sophisticated finish.