Sunday, October 27, 2013

Steps To a Greener Lawn

Who does not want a greener lawn? Every home owner dream of having it. Green lawn gives a good impression that a household is cared for. Now, you might be fretful about spending a lot of money to get this done. That is possible, but it is also possible that adjusting to better practices are all you need. Doing so can help you save as much money as you will be doing things personally on your own free time.  
First of all, stay clear of using chemicals in weeding. Besides making you spend the extra dollars, this can pose harm to the environment. You can check out hardware stores for excellent weeder tools. If you are willing to spend, there are organic substances available in most stores. They arrest the seeds immediately. Moving forward, cut the grass at least three inches long. This will keep them from growing for some time - just enough days for you to gain the energy and star cutting again. 

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