Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Five Ways to Improve Air Quality Inside Your House

Air pollution can also happen inside the house. The pollutants that make outdoor air dirty can also affect the quality of indoor air. These pollutants join forces with irritants in producing bad indoor air that causes coughing, itchy eyes, frequent headaches and chronic asthma and bronchitis.

infographic from Spring Time Homes

1) Increase indoor ventilation. Install a trickle ventilation with extra filters. This device allows some fresh air in and pushes out indoor air pollutants.

2) Say no to wood burning fireplaces. Wood fireplaces produce carbon and soot when in use. These particles can get into the lungs and produce shortness of breath.

3) Turn on the airconditioner during summer. An airconditioner is capable of removing water in the atmosphere where most pollutants are produced. It can also remove pollens and particulates from outdoors that diminishes the quality of indoor air.

4) Stop using chemical cleaners. Chemical cleaners also affect the quality of air inside the house. They can produce irritants that affect the lungs. But how are you going to get rid of dust and the bacteria from your pets' dander? You can use vinegar or a regular bath soap that doesn't exude fragrance. In connection to this, steer clear from using air fresheners. They make indoor air fragrant smelling but dangerous to breathe in.

5) Keep your pet out of the bedroom or out of the house. Pet dander pollutes the air inside the house too. Moreover, they can cause allergies and other respiratory problems most especially among kids. You can choose fish as pets instead of birds, cats and dogs. If you already have a bird, cat or dog under your care, keep it from sleeping inside the house.

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