Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Why and How of Bathroom Renovation

We start and end our days in our bathrooms and yet many of us don't see them as being the most important part of the house. For this reason, some people aren't spending enough time or money remodeling their bathrooms or at least making them comfortable. Below are a few reasons you should consider bathroom improvements.

1) Bathrooms reflect their owners' character. Friends and visitors can easily learn about your lifestyle or personality by the way you keep your bathroom. Urine stains in the toilet bowl and toothpaste marks on the sink show a lot about your cleaning habits. On the other hand, scented candles and matching soap dishes give people a positive hint about your preferences.

2) Bathrooms are places of relaxation and inspiration. Are you stressed out? Have a luxurious soak in a warm bath. You could even light some therapeutic candles to make your bath more relaxing. Great inspiration for your business or life relationships will suddenly pop into your mind when your whole body is relaxed.

3) Bathrooms are perfect hiding places. Do you need a quick break due to an emotional upset? Go to the bathroom if you don't want to be bothered by anyone. A clean, spacious and fragrant bathroom always offers a comfortable sanctuary to those with broken hearts and dampened spirits.

So, how can you begin your basic bathroom renovation? Here are some tips.

1) Hang a stylish mirror over the sink.  A framed mirror makes your bathroom look bigger and more modern.

2) Choose appropriate lighting. Consider your overall theme when deciding on the colour, shape and size of the lights that you install in your bathroom.

3) Purchase a good quality toilet. Quality toilets nowadays offer comfort and style. So they make a good investment in the long run.

4) Select durable flooring. Chipped or cracked bathroom tiles are unpleasant and hazardous. Replace them with ceramic, marble or stone tiles. These are both durable and stylish.

Do you need more bathroom improvement tips? Read this detailed infographic from Bourne Bathrooms.

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