Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Simple Ways to Have a Spider-Free Home

Got spider in your coffee? Yes? I bet you also have a couple more of spiders lying on your bed and hiding in your toilet.

Event though some spiders are totally harmless,  I'm personally scared to see them roaming freely inside me house. Because of that, I've researched for different ways to drive them away without hurting them. Here are a few the effective strategies I stumbled upon. Take a read and check to see which might work for you.

1) Keep every part of your house clean. Spiders hide and breed in clutter. You can expect them to live in shoe boxes, stacks of paper and old clothes which might have been sitting in your bedroom for a while. Clean and dust your rooms regularly. This will keep spiders from having a breeding place in your house.

2) Use natural repellents. Peppermint and vinegar are natural spider repellents. Fill a spray bottle with water. Drop some peppermint oil or a few parts of vinegar. Shake it well. Spray it on the spider-ridden parts of your house.

3) Get a pet. Cats and dogs are good at chasing spiders away. However, a cat would be more reliable in reaching spiders resting on high spots inside your house. If poisonous spiders are inhabiting your house, observe caution for your pets safety.

4) Deploy chestnuts and citrus peels at your window sill. Spiders usually enter a house through the window sill and other crevices. Place  chestnuts and citrus peels on these spots as spiders hate their scent. Chestnuts don't go bad quickly so you can leave them out there for long time. However, you will need to replace citrus peels within 48 hours as they lose their scent that fast.

PS: Watch this helpful video I found. I don't own this video - all credits to the owner/publisher.


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