Sunday, June 2, 2013

Space Saver Ideas For Small Homes

Not all of us are blessed to stay in a spacious house. In the cities where the rent is high, most of the residences offer limited spaces. The bedroom, living room and kitchen are rolled into one studio type unit most of the time and the occupants are left with limited stuff to place in it. Since this scenario is quite inescapable, there are means by which you can have a clutter-fee home despite its small size.

Space savers usually come in the form of containers or holders that are attached to the different parts of the house. In the kitchen area, for example, modern pot rocks which hang from the kitchen ceiling provide enough floor space for kitchen users as the pots, pans and cooking utensils are kept off the floor.

Next to your kitchen space, you may attach to the adjacent wall a tall vertical set of shelves where you can stock all the supplies you will need for work – tasks in the office or at home. In one of the shelves, you can place storage bins too. 

Got books, CDs and other small stuffs to keep? In your bedroom, place pieces of furniture which can be of dual purpose. There are beds which have built-in cabinets or book shelf in its lower part.

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