Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ideas On Making Your House Child-Safe...Continued

There are many things which you must keep out of children’s reach. These are medicines, household chemicals, lighters, sharp and pointed utensils and breakable objects among others. Children do not know any better. They will put in their mouths anything their hands find to grab.

Toddlers can easily walk out the house, up the staircases and down to the basements. Install safety gates by the doorways, the staircases and other accident prone areas in the house. Choose safety gates that are up-to-date. In the bathroom, place anti-slip rugs on the floor. Wet tiles can be very slippery. Eliminate standing water in pails, tubs and other containers which can cause drowning. Purchase lid locks for your toilet bowls. These will prevent kids from playing with the water in the toilet bowl.

Injuries like bumps on the head and bruises may result from hitting the edges of furniture. Use foam covers to make these edges less harmful. Do you own a swimming pool? To keep your child from drowning, use strap down covers which are more secure. Lastly, anchor down large pieces of furniture like cabinets, dressers and desks. Anchor straps stop these huge items from totally flipping over in case your children try to pull them.

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