Monday, September 30, 2013

Must-Have Security Gadgets For The Home

Purchasing security gadgets these days for residential use is no longer seen as a sign of paranoia. This is because theft has become a widespread crime which claims both possessions and lives. In their aim to provide help (and make business too :) manufacturers have come up with a wide range of products but not all of them are needed as far as practicality and security are concerned.

Alarm Systems – These are definitely useful especially during the night when everyone else is as asleep. When choosing one, it is wise to go for motion-sensitive type as it sends off warning at the slightest suspicious movement it can detect. It is also good to have one with very loud sound effects like barking of dogs or police sirens paired with strobing lights as these can scare thieves away.

Intercom Systems – Whether you own a big, medium or small house, intercom is very advisable for your security. It somehow acts like a screen that filters the people who can come in your residence to a limited few whom you know. Buying one with video feature is the best pick to have.

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