Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Tips To Know

Keeping your entire home clean and fresh may mean more than just removing all the dirt and killing all the germs present in it. Using environment friendly cleaning products to replace the toxic items that you are used to is one of the best things you can do to achieve a squeaky clean and safe home for your entire family.

Look for biodegradable substitutes - By dashing to the 'green' area of the supermarket or warehouse stores, you can easily purchase cleansers made of biodegradable ingredients. Oftentimes, they cost higher. If your budget can't afford them, go online and look for ingredients like baking soda, citrus fruits, for you to mix into a biodegradable cleanser.

Make use of reusable cloth - Use washable cloths instead of mops, sponges and nets. By using washable cloths you could lessen the number of times you'd need to purchase new cleaning items. Since they are 'washable', you can simply clean them with bleach, soap and water. This will work even when they have stains. More so, sponges and similar items are non-biodegrable. Throwing them after use can hurt the environment.

Conserve water - When rinsing soapy areas, use  bucket. Using hose can be very tempting in using too much water. Water must be conserved as it is a natural resource that is difficult and impossible to replenish or recreate by human hands.

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