Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Improvised Or Solar Light Bulbs: How To Create Them

In certain places in third world countries, use of electricity to brighten up their homes is not yet introduced. This is because of the fact their exact locations remains difficult to be reached by technology especially when they are the far-fetched islands.

Thanks to a sustainable concept that has been introduced many years ago. With the use of bleach, clear water and plastic bottle, absence of electric lines wouldn't have to keep some homes in the dark. Keen to know how these improvised or solar bulbs are made? Watched this video:

Did you enjoy watching the video? Quite innovative, right? This goes with many benefits more than having a brighter home interiors. Firstly, it would not cost you much to buy all the materials you need. To create one solar bulb, all you need to spend is a maximum of $4 to $5. Since, a solar bulb functions without the use of electricity. You can save on your electricity bills particularly if you decide to use solar bulbs in certain areas in your house which can get direct sunlight. Lastly, you help save the environment for total destruction. As we all know used up electric energy aggravates the deteriorating state of our planet.

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