Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tips On Decorating A Small Living Room - First Part

I am thankful that we are blessed with our own house. Although it is not that big, it is spacious enough for us to live comfortably with the kids. Now, the challenge for me lies in making our small living room to be elegantly alive and very functional. I was contemplating on these two photos for ideas.

Frankly, our current budget may not allow us to purchase new pieces of furniture and other decors which come along with these designs. And so, I searched for low-cost techniques on living room decoration which can get me the output I want. Here they are:

Making The Room Color Right – Believe it or not, the perfect room color can make the smallest space bigger in appearance. Hues which create a bright atmosphere are blues and greens as they replicate the ambiance of nature. Instead of leaning towards the darker scale, choose the softer tones for better results. Dim colors make your space intimate looking and so it would look more closed up. Such colors are best for creating an atmosphere of warmth in bed rooms.

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