Monday, April 15, 2013

Tips On Decorating A Small Living Room...Continued

In a small space, the pieces of furniture must be kept to a minimum. In terms of size, one major furniture could be big but the rest have to be small. Why? This strategy keeps your living room from being overcrowded and everything else looks put together.

To avoid decorative pieces from taking much of the floor space, shelves may be installed directly onto the walls. These can hold the art items which you want to be in display. Keep coffee tables clear for immediate use. A small d├ęcor item that is easy to lift and relocate can sit on the coffee table though.

Lighting is another key to having a bright and spacious living room. Refrain from using dark and heavy curtains. If you do not want your windows to look bare, hung light and transparent cloth just to screen the light shining from outside during day time. For glass windows, translucent shades are ideal.

Have you ever heard about the wonders brought about by mirrors? By placing them in appropriate spots, an illusion of expansive space is created.  Do not over decorate with mirrors though. You can hang a big one on the wall opposite your living room window. Choose an elegant design for the frames to achieve a sophisticated finish.

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