Thursday, July 16, 2015

Best Ways to Let Go of Your Old Stuff

Believe it or not, a huge percentage of clutter in your home is made up of the old stuff that you just can't let go. These are the things which have sentimental value to you or to your family. Therefore, they are attached to the core of your being. If you will learn to release them, you will be surprised with how organized and spacious your house could be. Do you need tips on letting go of your old possessions? Read the following insights.

Know what you really need and what you really want - Do you own appliances, gadgets and other things which you don't use often? If yes, you most likely don't need them. For example, get rid of your coffeemaker if you drink instant coffee and not brewed coffee. You might have received decors and other stuff from friends and family as presents. Instead of keeping them out of goodwill, ask yourself whether you honestly like them. If you don't give them away to those who will appreciate and use them more.

Assess the true value of your old possessions - So, you're keeping an old stereo component that's no longer working perfectly. You keep thinking of how expensive it was when you bought it brand new; hence, it's difficult for you to donate or sell it. Think of how much it will cost today even though it cost an arm and a leg before. If it's close to zero dollars, let go of it now.

Adapt to your surroundings - Are you keeping an old car because you might need it? Evaluate the area where you live at the moment. Would it be more practical for you to own a bike than an old car when going around your area? Letting go of your could mean saved money from parking fees, repairs and gas.

Never keep broken things - We tend to keep broken things thinking that one day we'll have the free time to fix them all. If ever you get all the free time you need,  do you think you'll be able to fix them and brink them to mint condition? The sad truth is probably, you won't be able to do that. Consider giving your broken possessions away so that you can provide enough space for new ones.

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