Monday, July 20, 2015

Pool Construction - How Much Does It Cost?

Researching how much it'll cost you to get a pool is like researching how much it'll cost you to build a house. Pool prices are similar in some ways to house prices. They both depend on many factors and these factors can be influenced by your personal preferences. So your neighbor’s pool might cost more or less than your ideal backyard pool.

Contacting a contractor is the best way to get an exact quote for the price of any pool project. However, there are some basic things that you can find out in advance before asking a contractor for a quote. These things will help you arrive at a rough estimation of your pool's final cost. They include the following:

Size – Size is a major factor that affects the cost of a pool construction. Pools are measured by the square foot. Obviously the wider your pool, the higher the cost will be.

Depth – Deeper pools require more labor – more digging is involved. They need more materials too. This explains why adult pools are more expensive to build than kids’ pools.

Materials –The materials used to line pools vary. Concrete, fiberglass and vinyl are three of the most common pool materials offered by contractors.  Gunite (a kind of concrete) and fiberglass cost more than vinyl.

Shape – Custom pool shapes are laborious to create. You will need to pay extra if you want your pool to have a shape that is out of the ordinary.

Area or locality – Permits are required for pool constructions to commence.  The cost of these permits will depend on the cost of living in your area.

Extras or pool accessories can add up to your pool's cost too. These items could be a 'must-have' depending on their ability to enhance your pool's function or safety. A few of these items are:

Diving boards – The prices of diving boards depend on their material, length and height. Higher diving boards require deeper backyard pools. Thus, their installation costs more money.

Fencing  – Fencing is required to enclose your pool. A pool that has no safety barrier can be dangerous for children and pets in your neighborhood.

Lighting  – Lighting arrangements are useful whenever you plan to swim at night. If you regularly swim at night, they will become a necessity.

Watch the video below about pool costs. It will give you an idea about how pool costs vary according to particular components like accessories and site differences.

Begin planning on how you're going to pay for your pool once you know about its construction cost. Preparing your budget ahead of time will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a backyard pool sooner.

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