Friday, June 5, 2015

The Importance of Incorporating Patterns and Prints In Your Room

You might say that pattern is the thing of the good old days. Think again because it is making a come back especially in the interior design industry. Solid fabrics, monochromatic shades, and clean lines will still be around but elegant patterns will make it easier for any room to stand out. Are you thinking whether prints can be counted here? Well, the answer is a resounding 'Yes!'.

Patterns initiate activity - Plain or solid colors can be boring. Try replacing them with patterns to initiate activity in an empty and wide space. Size matters a lot when it comes to determining activity level. Large patterns will do if you want to achieve a calm or serene atmosphere in your room. On the other hand, small and intricate patterns are perfect to use if you want to convey busyness. Pieces of big furniture and wide wallpapers are best designed with large patterns while small decors and accessories are best  designed with small  patterns.

Prints promote visual weight - A part of a room is said to have visual weight when the viewers' eyes are drawn towards it. If the visual weight is gathered in one side. the entire room will not look balanced. Hence, you must be careful in incorporating prints in your room design.

You can mix and match patterns and prints to achieve your desired theme for your room. Choose distinct patterns and prints belonging to color palettes  which appear cohesive when combined. Successful pattern-print combination can make your room design look intricate. If you're confident enough about your artistic skills, you can try pulling off a wonderful contrast between patterns and prints. Just make sure that your color choices coordinate well. You can check some color guides or color theories before starting with your project.

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