Friday, June 12, 2015

Four Ways to Boost Your Home's Value

Renovation is crucial if you’re planning to sell your old house. It can add value to your house and make it a top choice among potential buyers. It doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are low-cost home improvement ideas that can make your old house appear updated if not totally modern-looking.

Here are four tips that can keep your renovation expenses at a minimum and your sale profits at a maximum.

Create space. Buyers usually like an open floor plan. If your floor plan looks cramped, knock down some walls or doorways. This will allow space and air to flow inside your house. Buyers with a causal lifestyle look for houses with combined dining, kitchen and living areas. Incorporating movable kitchen islands and room dividers can also attract some picky buyers.

Create light. If you don't have a budget for skylights, you can create sun tubes or sun pipes that allow natural light to enter your house. These are cylinders made of a reflective material and a weather-proof plastic globe. They can lessen your usage of electric lights.

Paint all parts of your house. A coat of paint can make any old house look fresh. Hire a professional painter if you cannot paint neatly. You can also hire an interior designer if you don't have an eye for colors.

Consider landscaping. Landscaping to create your ideal space is not a new concept. Many homeowners in the past have resorted to it to improve the value of their residential properties. Landscaping is more than just adding plants to your yard. It involves fencing, improvement of lighting and installation of garden fixtures such as benches, gazebos and pathways.

Find a trusted realtor once you have completed all the necessary renovations. Wait patiently for the right buyer even though it takes you a little longer than expected. Realtors report any changes in the housing market or suggest selling options to their clients. So, you don’t have to be distressed while waiting. 

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