Friday, June 26, 2015

The Why and How of Tree Stump Removal

Some homeowners dislike the sight of tree stumps in their yards. Because of this, they will move heavens and earth just to eliminate them.

A decaying tree stump could be an eyesore in your garden especially when it is positioned in a very visible spot. Unless you’re trying to achieve a specific garden theme that requires its presence, leaving it untouched will be very much advantageous.

Kids playing and running around your yard are most likely to bump into or trip over a tree stump. This can cause unwanted injuries. Moreover, they can get bitten by the insects inhabiting a rotten tree stump.

Tree stump removal can be done in three ways. These includes digging, grinding and application of chemicals. Digging requires a lot of physical effort on the part of the digger. Thus, digging is only advisable for the removal of small tree stumps. Bigger tree stumps are best removed with the use of a grinding machine. Using  a grinding machine is less labor-intensive. This machine specifically grinds the stump back and forth until its thickness is reduced to ground level. This machine is also useful in grinding the root and the mound of earth gathered around the tree stump. Finally, a tree stump can also removed through the application of chemical which can fasten its decay. Holes are drilled on the stump. Then, the chemical is poured onto the holes. Even though such chemical promises quick decay, you must take note that older tree stumps will decay faster than younger ones.

A tree stump can also affect the flow of activities in your backyard. For example, mowing your entire yard could take half an hour longer when you have one or two three stumps to avoid. Your lawn mower will definitely crash if you accidentally bump it against a tree stump.

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