Friday, June 19, 2015

How to Improve Your Garden's Health Using Compost Bins

Do you ever wonder why your garden plants and crops don't grow as healthy as you wish no matter what you do? One reason for this could be the quality of your garden soil. Any garden soil can be improved by mixing some compost in it. Compost is created as bacteria starts the process of decomposition by breaking down organic waste matter. Compost can be bought from some garden supplies stores. Nonetheless, it is better if you create your own compost because it enables you to get rid of the waste in your house in a meaningful manner.

Compost is created when an organic matter or waste starts to decompose with the presence of bacteria. Some create composts in a large pot but it is advisable to create one in a compost bin. When choosing a compost bin, select a model with a base that works perfectly in backyards.

Start by finding the perfect spot for your compost bin in the garden. Place large twigs in the bin. These will act as solid sidewalls that will prevent the bin from leaking. Fill it in with some soil. Then, spread a thick layer of the organic waste. It should be about 4 inches thick. Slowly mix it in with the soil. Check whether you need to add in some water to mix the pile well.

Grass should be added in thin layers so that they do not compact. Worms are also added in the bin with shredded paper or other biodegradable bedding. Worms will quicken the decomposition. It is important that you don’t remove a lot of worms from the remaining compost. Make sure that the lid of your compost bin is tightly sealed so that flies and rodents will not enter.

I found a video that uses spent coffee ground in composting. All credits to the owner.

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